Children’s Projects

Children’s Projects

ALASKA J – adjustable & protective umbrella

The group of young entrepreneurs designed a unique and fashionable umbrella, that aims to solve the problem of getting wet on a windy rainy day. 
The umbrella is equipped with various long and decorated nylon strips, that can be added and removed according to the holder preference. Furthermore, the product is not only portable but also lightweight and affordable. The children explained that using the umbrella lets you feel dry and cool all the way to your destination.

Change Your Morning – water spray alarm clock

The young entrepreneurs were concerned about a problem that many people often have – getting up of bed on time. Therefore they used one of the creativity techniques that had been taught in the course, and designed a device that combines 2 functions together: an alarm clock and a water pump.
Using the electronic Arduino tool, the clock is programmed to spray water when the alarm rings. That way you can be sure, you wake up just on time.

PAL – a tutoring seminar for freshmen

The group of young entrepreneurs, in grades 4-6, created a social venture for the benefit of their school. The idea is to provide school newcomers with a guidance seminar, that will help them to adapt to the new life as primary school students. 
The children explained that the idea derived from their own experience, as ones who had been at that situation a couple of years earlier. 
During the seminar, the senior students welcome the juniors and consult them about different aspects of school life. The children also composed a special notebook with their own tips and advices.

DGlobe – a “mini globe” park

The group of entrepreneurs came up with a special project, of building “all in one” park. The idea came from the understanding, that the world is big, and most people can not afford traveling and learning about all the areas in the world through real experience.  
The solution: Preparing a proposal and a first model of the “DGlobe” – four main regions of the plant located in one park: ocean, icebergs, desert and forest. Each area of the park provides geographic features and related information of that specific region. 
They also created a forest demo room, that gives a hint about how the park is going to look like from the inside. One of the school’s classrooms was transformed into the forest, and it included an exhibition and learning center for the whole school community, to come, expand their knowledge and experience regarding the forest.

CLAP: Home for Homeless

The group of young entrepreneurs designed a unique solution for homeless people: CLAP is a portable and comfortable home that is easy to assemble but yet very durable and is able to support homeless people basic need for safety, security and the warmth of home. 

CLAP is also equipped with: A water supply system, a comfortable mattress to sleep on and lighting. By having all these the homeless person can feel at home. CLAP is made out of innovative materials such as: light plastic water pipes which provide the strong structure to support the CLAP, waterproof fabric which provides warmth and dryness even in the most rainy days and shade in the most sunny days. LED lights that save energy and a unique and easy to use water tank.

Onesie’s – One for you One for me!

These young entrepreneurs aim to provide children in need with something that represents home for them. They decided to create Onesie’s designed by children and made for children. The idea is that each Onesie that you buy, another Onesie is donated by the company to a child in need. 

Smart Pen

During the entrepreneurship classes, the group members had an idea to create a “smart pen” in order to assist children in their learning process in school. The children thought that the pen should include many features such as: recording option, clock, SOS Button, Camera and more.

The idea is that the pen will assist the children and also diverse their learning process and make it more fun, interesting and adjusted to the 21 century.

Gym for blind people

This group of young entrepreneurs came up with the idea of a social venture. Their venture is a gym which is designed especially for blind people. At this gym, blind people will be able to train independently. 

All of the devices are made of soft materials that protect the users in case of a fall. Next to each device there is a speaker and sensor that identifies the person approaching and tells him what device is in front of him and how he should use it safely.

A T-shirt for any Size

The young entrepreneurs developed a T-shirt that can fit any size. They designed the T-shirt in a special form that it will contain zippers and buttons on it sleeves & sides. The Children thought it will be clever to create this shirt since it would save parents money when buying clothes for their kids. 


The young entrepreneurs developed a EyeBook which is a handheld
digital device with motion sensors. The device can turn over a page in a
book according to your eyes direction of reading.
The Children formulated a slogan for the gadget was: “Just take a look and
it will happen!!!”

Calm Waves

A group of children developed an anti-anger bracelet . The purpose of the bracelet is to help people with anger issues, using bleeps and vibrations around the wrist will be controlled by the bracelet.The bracelet will check the heart rate and when the rate rises, the bracelet will activate. 

The children thought that the bracelet can contribute to this world by preventing anger and reducing the conflicts between people.


A group of young entrepreneurs developed a product of a set of whiteboard markers attached to an eraser for use on the board.

The young entrepreneurs explain the advantages of the product: “The product is large and therefore easy to find in case it had gone, lost, the product is easy to grasp and causes writing and erasing to be fun.

Driving course

A group of young entrepreneurs developed an idea for young people who want to be prepared for driving tests, but don’t want to waste a huge amount of money and time on driving lessons.

Their idea is an alternative driving preparation course, that will be accompanied by theoretical and practical knowledge. In this course, each child will participate in classes on the car’s traffic signs and structure, and then learns with a driving instructor in a closed area some of the first driving lessons. 

Personal smoke vacuum

During the entrepreneurship classes, the group members had an idea to assist people who don’t smoke and are among people who do smoke. 
The children described their solution to the problem this way:  “People smoke and unfortunately it’s a fact! We care about the environment, so we wanted to invent something that would help people preserve the environment and have a better quality lifestyle. We invented a personal smoke vacuum that reduces the passive smoke.” 


This group of young entrepreneurs came up with the idea of a bag pack that turns into a seat. The product is a great solution for people who wants to go out but still  need their comfortable chair to seat down.

The students made it to the final round of the competition “Move yourself” and were among the final 10 entrepreneurs in the running for the prize.