About Us

MyWay academy brings children the world of entrepreneurship and innovation straight from the land of innovation and technology – Israel. To succeed in the challenging life of the 21st century entrepreneurship should be nurtured from childhood. 

Being  taught in the USA and in Australia, and being recognized by the Israeli Ministry of Education as the official program integrated into the school curriculum to teach Israeli children how to be successful entrepreneurs and leaders, we have all the right tools to prepare your child for the fast-changing future and help them to take an active role in shaping their future. 

Our program will give your child both the soft skills and the technical skills that s/he needs to be innovative, drives change through action and become the master of their future.  MyWay is now bringing this program to the youth of Hong Kong and China.

MyWay program for entrepreneurship is the best education you can provide to your child.

Why Should Children Study Entrepreneurship?

In a fast-paced, competitive world, education is our most valuable tool for success. As professional educators, we understand this and work tirelessly to instil values in children that will provide them with a foundation for long-term success and happiness in their lives.

We believe that there is one process that has undeniably shaped history, changes the future for the better, and can be taught effectively in the classroom. That process – or skill, rather – is entrepreneurship.

Based on the Entrepreneurship for Kids ™ program, developed by Galit Zamler, which has been implemented by over 50 schools in Israel and endorsed by the Israeli Ministry of Education as the official program integrated into the school curriculum to teach entrepreneurship to children, we offer a unique learning experience to teach the children skills and knowledge and provide them with the practical experience to develop key entrepreneurial skills in their lives and enrich their inner creativity.

MyWay’s curriculum is inclusive, empowering, but most importantly, effective for all children, irrespective of current academic ability or strengths/weakness in certain areas. The program is designed to strengthen their versatility in key development areas such as:

  • Soft skills: taking calculated risks, dealing with lack of resources, creativity, the courage to dare, communication and leadership skills, belief in yourself, tolerance to others and to those who are different, embracing change, positive thinking, ability to work in team, learning from mistakes, determination and perseverance, identify opportunities, attentiveness, taking responsibility, distinguishing between important and unimportant, focusing on the goal, identifying opportunities, negotiation and public speaking. 
  • Technical skills: writing marketing plans, budgetting, pricing, business planning, online marketing, public relations, advertisement, business intelligence, product life cycle, intellectual property protection. 

By using real-life inspiring stories, engaging activities, videos, and games we create a learning experience that lays the foundation for innovative thinking in your child forever, providing them with the tools for lifetime success.

Real-life project

On top of learning the required entrepreneurial skills, our children brainstorm ideas for a real-life project. Our instructors subsequently guide the children in their collaboration to select and develop one or more of these ideas throughout the program.

Whether the project entails designing a product, offering a service or some other novel idea, your children will gain the ultimate experience of handling day to day business risks and challenges in a protected and nurturing environment of our program.

For our secondary school age group 12-15 we also offer post-graduation incubation program if the group is willing to continue with developing their project beyond completion of the program. 

Ted Talks
Cameron Herold: Let's raise kids to be entrepreneurs

Israel the Start-Up Nation

Despite being a relatively young country, Israel is considered to be one of the most entrepreneurial and innovative nations. 

As an innovative and advanced state, Israel hosts delegations of investors, entrepreneurs, educators, companies, governments and others from around the world. These delegations seek the secrets that turned a small country into a start-up nation.

Many have tried to understand the Israeli entrepreneurial mindset and culture. Some attribute this entrepreneurial ability to the integration of various cultures in one small country with characteristics such as learning, opportunism, creativity, rebelliousness, audacity, ambition, etc. Others see Israel, with so many entrepreneurs and inventions, as a wonder, worthy of interest as well as understanding.

To cultivate entrepreneurial skills in children, we should expose them to innovative ideas, inventions and entrepreneurs. It makes them aspire to leave their mark in the world. It opens their eyes and makes them understand the potential in entrepreneurship.

Through in-school programs such as the Entrepreneurship for Kids ™ program, Israel nurtures entrepreneurial spirit from an early age.

Our Instructors

Our team of Israeli instructors are the best instructors in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation education. All are highly motivated educators with years of experience working with children in developing their entrepreneurial mindset and skills. Our instructors inspire children by sharing the knowledge and skills they gained while developing their projects.

Galit Zamler

Founder of Entrepreneurship for Kids Program in Israel

Galit Zamler​

Galit is a business and social entrepreneur and a consultant and a lecturer of entrepreneurship education in Israeli and American schools since 2009. She is eager to share her tremendous entrepreneurial spirit with the world’s youth. At the core of MyWay’s program is Galit’s understanding that entrepreneurship is not only one of the most important growth engines for any country’s economy, but also of the personal development of children. Galit knows that learning entrepreneurial skills from a young age empowers and encourages lifelong success. In addition to her vast entrepreneurial experience, Galit’s qualifications include a BA in social sciences and business administration and an MBA.

Dannie Cheung

Advisor & Mentor

Dannie Cheung

With a career in commercial and private banking serving as Head of China Markets with several internationally recognized and prestigious banks, Dannie is now focusing on his passion for education. In leadership roles across several professional associations and as a Member of the College Council of Hang Seng Management College, Dannie brings a unique view of education as a means to ensuring well-being and fulfillment through vocational training and lifelong employability. Dannie understands that academic training alone is insufficient for today’s youth and that entrepreneurial skills are crucial for success in any role in any industry, now or in the future. His qualifications include various financial industry certifications and an MBA.